Medical Legal Visualization


I collaborated with Vivian Yeung and Jenny Bai to create visuals aids for demonstrating a case of medical malpractice for the Canadian courtroom.


Assist a lay audience (judge) in understanding a stroke case by teaching them about neuroanatomy and drug mechanism of action

Date: Winter 2019

Tools: Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, Autodesk Maya, Biodigital, Cinema 4D Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Co-design Roles

Role Division-

Lead Researcher- Jenny Bai

Lead Designer- Janell Lin

Art Director- Vivian Yeung

Production Division-

Portrait- Vivian Yeung

Brain Sketching and Rendering- Janell Lin and Vivian Yeung

tPA mechanism- Jenny Bai

Timeline Layout- Janell Lin

Design Approach

The panels created in this project serves as visual aids to support the deference's argument. The goal is to design a layout that communicates the medical malpractice and highlight its subsequense damage to the plaintiff.

We decided to keep our panels linear so that the timeline can help guide the viewer and organize the chain of events took place in the case.

Final Delivery

Design Documents

As the lead designer, I was also responsible for designing and managing all the design documents.

Using Format