Learn while Playing

Kinundrum: Spine is a continuation of a previously developed teaching module.  

UX Design: 

  • Chelsea Canlas
  • Natividad Chen
  • Patritia Nguyen

UI Design: Chelsea Canlas

3D model/visuals: Patritia Nguyen


Knolwedge Application

Case studies are the more challenging part of teaching Kinesiology. Student often struggle to apply learned knowledge to different injury situations.

3D Comprehension

Because a lot of structures are compacted in a complicated space, spatial relationships are complex and difficult to describe with words. Injury mechanisms are often challenging to demonstrate to students.

Learn Kinesiology while playing

Kinundrum: Spine intent to educate undergraduate students. It will provide case studies and interactive 3D models to help students learn spinal cord injuries.  

The goal is to enhance students’ 3D understanding of spinal cord structure and gain better understanding of the thought process in solving case studies. 



Go through the process of solving case studies at home. 

Professors and teaching assistants: 

  • Use 3D visuals to explain and demonstrate injuries. 
  • Use the interactive interface to walk students through case studies

Case Study Summary

In Process... More Coming Soon

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