Kinundrum: Spine

Learn Kinesiology while playing

Kinundrum: Spine is an online e-learning module that undergraduate students in learning Kinesiology. It will provide case studies and interactive 3D models to help students learn spinal cord injuries. The goal is to enhance students’ 3D understanding of spinal cord structure and gain better understanding of the thought process in solving case studies.


Knowledge Application- Student often struggle to apply learned knowledge to different injury scenerios.
3D Comprehension- Students struggle to understand spatial relationships and injury mechanisms without appropriate visuals.


Case studies walk-through- Kinundrum will break down each step in problem-solving to help guide student understand the logic behind each case.
3D Comprehension- Provide 3D models and illustrations to help students understand spatial relationships in injury mechanisms.


Students (primary)- Kinundrum aim to engage students in active learning and provide 3D models for deeper anatomical understanding.

Instructors (secondary)- Kinundrum hope to also provide supplementary resources for instructors to walk through case studies and demonstrate injuries in class.

Kinundrum: Lower Limb

Kinundrum: Spine is a continuation of a previously developed teaching module Kinundrum: Lower Limb.

UX Design: Chelsea Canlas, Natividad Chen, Patritia Nguyen

Kinundrum Lower Limb (2017-2019):

UI Design: Chelsea Canlas

Interaction Design: Chelsea Canlas

3D model/visuals: Patritia Nguyen

Animation: Natividad Chen

Kinundrum Spine (2019-2020):

Interaction Design: Janell Lin

3D/2D visual assets: Janell Lin

Animation: Janell Lin

How Kinundrum Works


Watch animation to

learn about the case


Complete guiding questions

to solve the case


Use diagram to review

problem solving process


Sample Learning Experience Storyboard

Case Study Walk Through

Production In Progress

Below are some case study screens

Using Format